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Clarke Broome

Clarke Broome has been an entrepreneur and business man for many years. When he was 22 years old, he launched a Real Estate career and 2 years later became a Real Estate Broker. Clarke founded his own real Estate Firm and with some partners, owned the Northern California rights to a successful Real Estate franchise. He was consistently in the top 5 in sales volume in both Sacramento and Placer County. During his career in Real Estate he marketed several successful subdivisions, helped subdivide, develop and market several parcels, and completed approximately 300 transactions. He also served as Co-Chairman of the Education Committee of the Board of Realtors. Because of his success and business training in the Real Estate Industry, Clarke was able to teach classes on being an Entrepreneur for Junior Achievement.

Clarke Broome and Financial Diversification

While Clarke started his career in the real estate business by building a small company into one of the most successful businesses In Northern California, he discovered that it wasn't enough. The more successful he became, the more he realized the need for financial diversification. At Age 31, Clarke retired from the Real Estate business. He had found a way to achieve the financial diversification he was looking for by developing an extremely successful consumer and business Network. In 1998 he started scaling and expanding his companies in the new economy. This came together In September 1999, when, along with a team of successful Independent Business owners, he launched a new business model. The business model was on the Internet and was designed for the New Economy. The new economy embraces the power of the internet, the understanding of information age distribution and the time tested principles of duplication. Clarke served 3 years on the board of a multibillion-dollar international company. Today, Clarke Broome is in high demand across the nation as a speaker and trainer on the Principles and Practices of building cash flow.

Clarke Broome, Family Life and Community

Even though Clarke is in high demand, because of the financial diversification he put in place, his time is his own. Family is important to him. He is currently living in the Sacramento area with his wife, Diana, and his beautiful girls. They are reaping the benefits of working hard and smart. Because of his accomplishments, he is greatly respected and has a high degree of influence in his community. Currently he serves on the Growth Committee of Inter Net Associates, is the CEO of CDB International Inc. and General Manager of Clarke and Diana Broome Unlimited LLC. He serves on the Financial Board of a local thriving Church and on the Board of Directors for The Lord's Gym. Clarke is involved in his community. Clarke believes that we should be involved in our community and in the lives of the people around us. He believes that a large part of his success stems from the idea that if you help enough people get what they want, you will have anything you want. Clarke has helped a lot of people.

Creating Financial Independence One person at a time

4120 Douglas Blvd, #306-146 • Granite Bay, CA • 95746-5936 * (916) 209-4120